Friday, August 15, 2014

READ-iculous Book Haul

Oh boy. I knew this would happen.

I have a problem. Okay, so I found out about Book Outlet for the first time a week ago and, well, books + sales = dangerous. I am a huge bargain shopper and this website was just addictive. Not only that, but my mom wanted to go to Half-Price Books with me and I couldn't say no.

So, without further ado, here is a humongous book haul.

That's right…11 books. Yikes.

Okay, that may not seem like a lot but I swore off buying books a month ago…as you can see, that's not going so well.

Ahhh…Stephen King. I've always had a soft spot for any book with his name on the spine. I love Stephen King's writing and am glad I finally picked up The Dead Zone. I got this book from Half-Price Books and can't wait to start reading. :)

I've heard fantastic things about Ellen Hopkins and have always been cautious to pick up one of her books. But, like the impulse buyer I am, I finally caved and bought this bad boy at Half-Price Books. I know Ellen Hopkins is coming out with a new book soon so I thought I better start reading! Yay for clearance books!

YES! I recently finished the first Miss Peregrine book and fell in love. When I saw this for 20% off I knew that I needed to snag it. I plan on doing a review of the two books once I finish this one. I love the concept to the pictures and books colliding…Ransom Riggs is a great author!

This is the last book I got from Half-Price Books and, let me tell you, I am VERY excited. I have heard people raving about this series and was just about to pick this up from my local Barnes and Noble when I saw this for pretty dang cheap(for a hardcover, none the less!). I can't wait to make my own opinions of this series! Yay!

I've heard very mixed opinions on this book. Because of this, I never wanted to spend the money to find out if I liked it. On Book Outlet it was for under $2.00…WHAT A STEAL! I am so excited to finally read this book and see if I like it.

The Joys of Love! I haven't heard much about this book but knew I had to get it once I saw it on Book Outlet. Madeleine L'Engle is the author of A Wrinkle In Time. I absolutely loved that book when I was younger so I hope to love her writing in this. Apparently she wrote this really early in her career as a writer but it was only published recently. Also, its about theatre so I know I'll love it.

This is another book that I heard somewhat mixed reviews on and wanted to make my own opinions on. I love the spine of this book and the premise seems interesting. I will definitely be doing a review on this once I finish it.

I am a huge contemperaty fan and this book just seemed like the perfect cutesy book. Not only is the cover gorgeous, but the storyline seems like the type that will leave me squealing and swooning. I'm such a sucker for cute books.

Okay, I should explain this book. I read this online YEARS ago. I remember waiting every week for chapters to be updated and remember commenting on every post giving encouragement. A month or two ago I was walking through my local Barnes and Noble when I saw this. I stopped in my tracks and instantly flipped through to see if this was the book I had so fondly read years before. IT WAS! Since I had technically already read it, I didn't get it. Once I saw it on Book Outlet, I knew I had to get this. What a small world!

This is another book that I have heard so many people talking about. So many people love these books and I really wanted my own copy. Plus, LOOK AT THAT COVER! It's gorgeous! I will read this book and it's sequel and post a review on here!

Last but not least, Cinder! I saw this book all over the place and was nervous to read it. I hated all of the movie renditions of fairy tales (oops) and was nervous that this would be another bad twist on classic fairy tales. But, from what I've heard and what I've read, this is far from what I thought it was. Cyborgs? Sign me up!

Alright, I'll leave you with this pun that was on the box of the Book Outlet box that had me in stitches. I'm STILL laughing.

READ-iculously? GET IT? :)

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