Sunday, January 11, 2015

Bout of Books 12.0: Day 7 Wrap-Up

Uh, hey everyone.

As you can see, I haven't updated my progress on Bout of Books since the third day, but I finally have enough time to write an update.

---Daily Update---

Pages Read Since Last Update: Since I wrote last I read 245 pages of All These Lives and 21 pages of Monument 14: Savage Drift.
Pages Read In Total: Despite my lack of reading the past few days, I have read 1,211 pages in total during Bout of Books.
Books Finished Today: I finished All These Lives by Sarah Wylie.
What I'm Reading Next: I have finals next week, but whenever I have a free minute I am going to finish Monument 14: Savage Drift.
How Am I Feeling: To be completely honest, I am feeling pretty stressed for finals. :)

---Gif Update---

 photo tumblr_lxnljwvUWw1qjnjnqo1_250.gif photo tumblr_mkdnxtewH41qjnqapo1_500.gif

That is basically how I felt the entire book. Either I was pissed off because I hated the whiny, self-centered main character, or I was crying over the heart-breaking sibling connection the characters in this book shared.

 photo anigif_enhanced-buzz-794-1381512597-5_zps3742c7d6.gif

This book, so far, has made me want to fall into the world again. I love these characters like they're my own and this storyline has me hooked. It took a second to remember what happened in the first two books (praise Emmy Laybourne for having a synopsis in the beginning) but all in all I'm excited to devour this read.

And that's all I have for you today. Can you believe that were already done!?

Until next time, fellow readers!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Bout of Books 12.0: Day 3 Update

---Basic Update---

Pages Read Today: Today I read 336 pages
Pages Read In Total: I finished off day 3 with 945 pages total! Woohoo!
Books Finished Today: I started and finished Seconds...oh my god don't even get me started.
What I'm Reading Now: I think I am going to start All These Lives tomorrow, but I haven't decided yet.

---Gif Update---


 photo 8721476.gif  photo 1370460965381.gif  photo tumblr_lmjul2xc1l1qii6tmo1_500.gif  photo original.gif

As you can tell, I loved this graphic novel. Not only was the storyline thought provocing but the art in it I am blown away. I loved the characters and the witty diologue and completely blew threw this book in one sitting. I want more...and am not ashamed to say that I have set all of my backgrounds on my computer and phone as Seconds stuff.

I'm going to have weird dreams tonight involving House Ghosts, mushrooms, and a cool tree.

See everyone tomorrow! Happy reading. :)

Bout of Books 12.0: Day 2 Challenges

I finally have time to particpate in challenges! Yes! Sadly, I didn't have time yesterday but today is a different story! Woohoo!

The two characters I chose for this challenge was Jeremiah Fisher from The Summer I Turned Pretty and Wren from Fangirl. Jere is one of my favorite characters of all time and I was so upset about how he got cast aside in The Summer I Turned Pretty trilogy. I just want him to be happy! So, I decided to pair him with a character from one of my favorite books. Wren is a cutie pie. Although she made a few bad choices in Fangirl (Jeremiah made some poor decisions too) I still really like her as a character...and I kind of want to see a triple date of Conrad and Belly, Levi and Cath, and Jere and Wren. :)

Kinda want to read a fanfic of these characters now! 

Happy reading

Bout of Books 12.0: Day 2 Update

---Basic Update---

Pages Read Today: Today I read 218 today!
Pages Read In Total: At the end of day 2 I have read 609 pages total!
Books Finished Today: I finished The Pregnancy Project today!
What I'm Reading Now: Tomorrow is going to be busy for me but I am going to try and start Seconds.
How Am I Feeling: Pretty good! A little tired, put pretty good.

---Gif Update---


 photo 8.gif  photo giphy_1.gif

This entire book can be summed up with these two gifs. Either I was bored and just wanted to finish (this book felt like reading a 218 page article...not a book) or I was proud of the main character for breaking stereotypes and being independent. Overall, this book was okay.

I need to head off to bed, so happy reading! :)

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Bout of Books 12.0: Day 1 Update

---Basic Update---

Pages Read Today: I read the entire book Splendor...and boy of boy. I have a lot to say! 391 pages for me.
Pages Read In Total: At the end of day 1, I have read 391 pages.
Books Finished Today: Today I finished Splendor by Anna Godbersen
What I'm Reading Now: I am going to pick up The Pregnancy Pact now! I'm so excited to read this one.
How Am I Feeling: Utterly pissed off. THIS BOOK HAS ME FEELING SO MANY EMOTIONS.

---Gif Update---

 photo 11071983.gif
 photo tumblr_m89273kuIH1rzfbdko1_500.gif
 photo o53yvp.gif
 photo hobbit-dos-i-trusted-you.gif
 photo melissa-mccarthy-got-a-lot-of-anger-inside.gif

Ah, this book had me crying, laughing, and then threw this hardcover against the room in anger(this actually happened). Oh my goodness, I need to vent to someone about the ending of this book. WHY!

Despite the end of this series being awful, I can't wait to read some more books this week! Woohoo, let's do this!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

TBR for Bout of Books 12.0

Hello fellow readers! I am back to post my to be read for the upcoming read-a-thon.I am currently running around like a chicken with it's head cut off...let's just say that this winter break has been pretty hectic! My life will not calm down much during Bout of Books so I am giving myself a long list of books with the hope that I'll read at least one page. Oh the joys of finals!
Because of my busy state, I didn't have time to take photos of the books I'm reading, so google photos are my friend!

Without further ado, here is my TBR for Bout of Books 12.0!

 photo 12554833.jpg
The first book I am setting out for myself for bout of books 12.0 is All These Lives by Sarah Wylie. I recently bought this book from Book Outlet and have been wanted to read it. This book is 245 pages long.

 photo gone-girl-book-cover-med.jpg
I have been dying to see this movie and have had to turn down many offers to go see it because I still haven't read this book. I'm hoping to knock this book off my list so that I can finally go see the film! This book is 422 pages long..I know nothing about this book right now so don't spoil anything for me if you have read it! :)

 photo Lola__A_Ghost_Story_by_elbertor.jpg
 I picked this graphic novel up at a library sale that my town had and have been wanting to read it ever since. The art is beautiful and, since it's a short read, I think it would be perfect during this read a thon when I'm getting bored of reading!

 photo 18215086.jpg
I read the first two books in this series in a day and have been dying to read the third book ever since. I have an obsession with this book and keep pushing it on friends of mine. The third book I am going to be reading is 306 pages long. I have yet to find someone else who shares this obsession with me but I hope to finish the series during this week! 

 photo staticsquarespace.jpg
I think that this book would be a good choice to read if I need something lighter this week (probably after reading Gone Girl). This book has honestly been on my stack of books to read for over a year. It's only 218 pages so I should power through it.

 photo Splendor-_A_Luxe_Novel_Cover.jpg
I powered through the first three books in this series over Christmas break and I can't wait to finish off the series. This will probably be the first book I read during bout of books and I can't wait to see what happens to the characters. What can I say, this cheesy historical romance has me hooked! This book is the smallest in the series with only 391 pages. I hope it's as indulging as the first three were!

 photo original.jpg
The last book I have on my list for bout of books 12.0 is Seconds by Bryan Lee O'Malley. I read the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels by him a while ago and have been a huge fan of him ever since. He always seems to make me laugh and, when my brother handed this book to me, I have been wanting to read this. From just flipping through it I can tell I'm going to like this graphic novel!

Since there are quite a few books on that list I'm not sure which one's I will be reading, but I know that I will be excited with whichever ones I decided to pick up!

As always, happy reading! I'll talk to you again with my first Bout of Books 12.0 update! :)

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Book-a-holic (BOOK HAUL!)

I have a confession to make.
I am a book-a-holic.
I buy any book that I see even though I know I no longer have room on my bookshelf and also have a endless TBR pile that is calling my name.
It's a problem.
 photo tumblr_m4ccrcSMLQ1rt27hoo1_500.gif

Regardless of my obsession, here is the giant list of books I have accumulated within the past couple of months.

(Also, I am home with the worst cold ever and a pounding headache, so excuse the poorly taken photos)

My local library was having a book sale and my mother and I decided to drop by one afternoon. I was allowing myself to leave with one, maybe two books. Well, I got carried away.

 photo DSC08812.jpg
This is the first book I saw when I walked into the book sale. I have seen this on bookstore shelves as well as on Booktube and I knew that I needed to have it. The cover is beautiful and, for that price, I knew that it had to be mine.

 photo DSC08810.jpg
I saw these books at the book sale and wondered what they were about. Although I know you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, these ones were simply too cute! Since they are so short I knew that they would be the perfect thing to pick up if I ever found myself in a reading slump.

 photo DSC08823.jpg
Ah, the famous World War Z. A cousin of mine read this a while back and told me it would be right up my alley. Knowing my obsession with zombie related things, I would agree with her. I can't wait to dive right into this read! 

 photo DSC08820.jpg
I have heard about this book through the grapevine but haven't had the chance to read it yet. When I saw it at the book sale I knew that it was the perfect time to buy it. This type of book is the type that will grab me from page one!

 photo DSC08808.jpg
The other interesting thing about this library sale was that people donated their old libraries to the sale. One table had a TON of antique books. This one caught my eye because A. it is beautiful and B. it looked so run down an vintage that I wanted it for my collection. 

 photo DSC08816.jpg
I saw this graphic novel at the book sale and was instantly intrigued. I have never heard of this particular graphic novel before and am super ecstatic to be reading it soon!

 photo DSC08822.jpg
I am a huge Batman fan and I have heard wonderful things about this particular graphic novel. The art in this book is simply spine chilling and I can not wait to start waiting! 

 photo DSC08813.jpg
I have distinct memories of seeing these Awkward Family Photos online but I never knew they made a book! When I saw this for under a dollar at the book sale I knew I needed to have it.

 photo DSC08805.jpg
I read Light on Snow by Anita Shreve a couple years back and I remember enjoying it. I recognized the name on a table during the sale and instantly scooped this book up. 

 photo DSC08817.jpg
I have heard of this book before and many people have told me that I would enjoy this book. This book was sold for super cheap because it was sold without a dust jacket, but that doesn't bother me! I like how it looks without one.

 photo DSC08819.jpg
I heard about The Nine Lives of Chloe King television show a while back and, to be completely honest, I never knew that this television show was based off a book. This book is quite the fattie, but I hope I like it enough to power through it.

 photo DSC08815.jpg
I saw this at the book sale and completely flipped! I was planning on ordering this book once I got home, and there it was for super cheap! When trying to get the sticker off later, I ripped the cover. I'm so excited to read this lovely book!

 photo DSC08798.jpg
I saw this book at my local Goodwill and wanted it. The synopsis had me hooked and I wanted to know more! I have read one Jodi Picoult book before and enjoyed her writing style. Can't wait to read this one! (Looks like a tear jerker!)

 photo DSC08794.jpg
I have never read this book. I know, I know, I am missing out. I have always wanted to pick it up but other books would always prioritize themselves over this one. When the movie came out I refused to watch it until I read the book. Now that I own this classic, I'm hoping I will finally settle down and read it! 

 photo DSC08800.jpg
A friend of mine was getting rid of books of hers before she went off to college and this was one of the ones on her stack that I snatched up. I know this book is basically a chick-flick on paper, but I can't wait to read it. :)

 photo DSC08804.jpg
My brother bought this book for me. God bless that boy's heart, he knows me so well. He saw it at Barnes & Noble one day and decided to pick it up for me. Got to love amazing siblings!

 photo DSC08791.jpg
My high school put on the production of Look Homeward, Angel last year and when I saw the book the play was based off of at Half-Price Books I knew that it must be mine! 

 photo DSC08796.jpg
I have heard people raving about this series for quite some time. I wanted to pick it up from the book stores but never got around to purchasing it. While at Half-Price Books recently, I saw a brand new copy of it on the shelves. Little to say I snatched it up right away! 

 photo DSC08801.jpg
I bought myself this book when I saw it on Barnes & Noble shelves recently because I had seen some people review it and say it was amazing. After reading the blurb, I knew that this was my type of book. Plus, look how beautiful the cover is! :)

 photo DSC08803.jpg
I read the first two books in The Selection series and absolutely fell in love. Gorgeous dresses, hot men, a red-headed main character(who sometimes gets on my nerves), and a castle. A perfect fluffy read for me! I can't wait to read this book. But, if she picks the wrong guy in the love triangle I might cry! 

 photo DSC08806.jpg
There is a coffee store where I live that sells used books. I was there studying one day and saw this on the shelf next to me. The description was enough to get me hooked!

 photo DSC08797.jpg
I saw this at my local Goodwill and loved the cover. I decided to read the back and instantly fell in love with the story line. I read something similar to this a long time ago and can't wait to read this book.

And that is everything! Looking at all of these beautiful covers makes me want to read them all right now...and go buy more books. Yikes, I have a problem.

Happy reading everyone!