Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Bout of Books 12.0: Day 1 Update

---Basic Update---

Pages Read Today: I read the entire book Splendor...and boy of boy. I have a lot to say! 391 pages for me.
Pages Read In Total: At the end of day 1, I have read 391 pages.
Books Finished Today: Today I finished Splendor by Anna Godbersen
What I'm Reading Now: I am going to pick up The Pregnancy Pact now! I'm so excited to read this one.
How Am I Feeling: Utterly pissed off. THIS BOOK HAS ME FEELING SO MANY EMOTIONS.

---Gif Update---

 photo 11071983.gif
 photo tumblr_m89273kuIH1rzfbdko1_500.gif
 photo o53yvp.gif
 photo hobbit-dos-i-trusted-you.gif
 photo melissa-mccarthy-got-a-lot-of-anger-inside.gif

Ah, this book had me crying, laughing, and then threw this hardcover against the room in anger(this actually happened). Oh my goodness, I need to vent to someone about the ending of this book. WHY!

Despite the end of this series being awful, I can't wait to read some more books this week! Woohoo, let's do this!

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